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 Discover Mauritius, from a different perspective: Rent a home, a car and visit points of interests: an island of about 2,000 square kilometers. If you need more details on the photos, contact info @, it will be a pleasure to help you.



A Rare and Magical Adventure

Experience a unique and unforgettable dive on board a real submarine!

Comfortably installed in an air-conditioned cabin and at atmospheric pressure, you will dive to 35 meters deep and discover the extraordinary underwater scenery of the island. For about 45 minutes, you will discover the wreck of the ship 'The Star Hope', corals and anchor of the 17th century.

A lifetime experience for anyone from 2 to 90 years old.


A unique experience in the world and an original entertainment!

An invitation to discover alone or as a couple, the seabed while enjoying the pleasure of piloting your own underwater scooter.The subscooter looks like a road scooter, equipped with a large, airtight dome offering pilots and passengers a panoramic view of the underwater world, breathing freely, the water level inside stopping at the shoulders.The dive lasts slightly more than half an hour to a depth of 3 meters. What a pleasure to control its direction and speed freely while enjoying the possibility of exchanging impressions and discoveries, while being accompanied at all times by a diver who ensures your safety. Safe for non-divers and non-swimmers as from 8 years old.

Address: Coastal road, trou aux biches.

Tel:(230) 265 7272 | E:[email protected]  | Web:

Contact me,for offers of BLUE SAFARI SUBMARINE, through LA PETITE VILLA ®



Ile aux Aigrettes tour information

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) has been restoring Ile aux Aigrettes by weeding out introduced plants, replanting with native plants produced on the island, and reintroducing endemic birds and reptiles that once lived there. Ultimately, the forest will be restored as closely as possible to what it was like more than 400 years ago: a sanctuary for flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. Ile aux Aigrettes is open to the public for guided tours, lasting between 1½ and 2 hours. All tours are accompanied by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable rangers, who will share facts, stories and colourful local anecdotes with you. You will have the unique opportunity of encountering the flora and fauna in their natural environment, with beautiful and unusual Pink Pigeons, distant cousins of the Dodo, gazing down at you from above, or perhaps the very rare Olive White-eye and Mauritius Fody flying from branch to branch of the native bois de boeuf , bois chandelle, or bois de pipe.

The lively and colourful Ornate Day Geckos are easily spotted basking in the sun, but you will have to look a little harder to see the well-camouflaged Telfair’s Skink and Guenther’s Gecko, until recently so rare that they were only found on Round Island. The endangered Mauritius Fruit Bat has now returned to the islet and you will be able to enjoy this attractive animal at close quarters.
Two tortoise species once existed in Mauritius but their use as a food source by passing sailors rapidly pushed them to extinction. To fill the missing role that these herbivores played, Aldabra Giant Tortoises have been introduced to Ile aux Aigrettes. These free-roaming giants are a close relative of our lost tortoise species and you are likely to meet them on the paths during your tour.
At the end of your visit, you will be able to rediscover some of the extinct species of the Mascarene islands in our museum, in the form of impressive life-size bronzes. You will also have the opportunity to purchase some attractive and unusual souvenirs in our shop .We invite you to experience this unique and fascinating conservation project for yourselves, or to send your staff or friends, knowing that at the same time you will be offering vital support to our work, since all revenue from the tours is invested directly into our projects.
(Please note that we recommend our visitors to wear good walking shoes and to bring mosquito repellent, a hat, a bottle of water, suncream, a camera, and money for the shop.)


Discover scenic  scenes,driving to the south of the island







Rochester falls, south (accessible by guide)


Macondé road, south west of the island



Shop in the capital city, Port Louis, Caudan Waterfront







Snorkel in blue bay park(South)








A day at the beautiful beaches of Deer Island








A day trip to lighthouse islet (speed boating, catamaran, South East)


Casela adventure park, South West. No fear? You can walk with lions? Casela adventure park







Do you like fishing? A day for big game,outside lagoons....






Discover the beautiful golf courses, of mauritius,world renowned:One of them on Deer Island






The colored earths (west)









The botanical gardens







Catamaran sailing day trips or rentals(North,west ,east coast)






Waterfall scenes, West coast




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